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August 24, 2015

Flamingo Fiesta {First Birthday} + FREE Printable

Seriously where does the time go?! I feel like just yesterday we were having our gender reveal party! And this past weekend we celebrated our baby girls first birthday! I can’t believe Annabelle is already one! Of course for her first birthday I knew I wanted to do something super fun, I thought a Flamingo Fiesta was the perfect theme!

So after countless cups of coffee, no sleep, and hours and hours on Pinterest, I succeeded in throwing the perfect party for our little AB! I know she sure loved it, HAHA! Let’s be honest this party was really for me. BUT after trying to get pregnant for over 3.5 years and struggling with PCOS and infertility, I knew I wanted go all out to celebrate our little miracle baby! You can read more about our pregnancy journey, HERE. So for me, this was more than a birthday party, it was a celebration with family and friends of our spunky little girl! And boy oh boy was it fun!!

Flamingo Fiesta // First Birthday #flamingo #firstbirthdayparty
You see, I have this problem. I am kind of obsessed with parties! I LOVE throwing them, planning them and the stress and thought that goes into them! HA I’ve thrown countless showers for our friends and family, so I had a blast planning AB’s first birthday!

Flamingo Fiesta // First Birthday

About a month before her party I realized I had ALOT to do. Usually I am so great about planning ahead and starting craft nights at least 3 months before. But not this time. Ya know its something about having a kid, and all of a sudden its been six months and you realized you didn’t get nearly anything done that you wanted to. So ya, thats a new feeling. But it’s totally worth it! I love spending my days with my busy little bug, and chasing her around the house, catching up on laundry, then binging on Netflix once she goes to bed. I’m truly blessed 😉 Alright anyway, I started with designing her invites. I did a couple different options then ran it by my team of advisors (Sister and Cousin) and we decided to go with this one. It came out perfect! It really set the tone for the party.

Flamingo Fiesta // First BirthdayYou can SHOP this party invite HERE.
You’ll hear me say “I loved THIS” ALOT when I refer to AB’s party, but I really truly do! HAHA I really LOVED everything about it. I can’t help it. I am so happy with how everything turned out. So YEP I loved her First Birthday Wreath! It was SO easy to make, I will post a DIY tutorial on the blog, soon.


Flamingo Fiesta // First Birthday
Also the night before the party, I kind of went a little crazy LOL. I stayed up till about 1:30 AM, yep I am officially “THAT MOM”, making cupcakes and finishing decorations. But it was totally worth it right?! I like to think so. PS don’t forget to download this FREE printable – Celebrate Flamingo Banner! CLICK HERE to download your FREE Party banner.

Flamingo Fiesta // First Birthday
I printed out a bunch of Black and White pictures of Annabelle throughout her first year, and used them as decoration. It was SO SIMPLE and so cheap! HA But I loved seeing how big our baby girl has gotten over the past year.

Flamingo Fiesta // First Birthday

Flamingo Fiesta // First Birthday
The day before the party my mom and I took pictures for Annabelle’s first Birthday. Because I like to shove every last detail into last minute party planning! HA I wouldn’t know what to do if I actually had more time. I work pretty well under pressure. Anyway, the pictures came out perfect!! They made the perfect table runner. Can we just talk about how cute my daughter is?!

Flamingo FIesta // First Birthday
I loved placing Flamingo’s all over the yard. IT was kind of like Where’s Waldo, but with Flamingos.. Totally more fun! I created a couple signs, and LOVED the Let’s Flamingle! Came out perfect! PS if anyone needs 14 Flamingo’s let me know! HAHA

Flamingo Fiesta // First Birthday
UMM Flamingo Cake Pops?! Yes Please! My amazing Sister had these custom made and they are flipping AMAZING!!! I mean how adorable?! They were a HUGE hit and I cant get over the detail!!

Flamingo Cake Pops // Flamingo Fiesta
I am pretty proud of her Tutu High Chair Skirt and homemade Smash Cake. Both came out perfectly and I was kind of tempted to just the tutu on her chair all the time. Thats totally normal right?!

Flamingo Fiesta // High chair
Every now and then being a graphic designer comes in handy. Okay more like every day, but I absolutely LOVED creating Annabelle’s First Year Fact Sheet. And yes she LOVES Earth, Wind and Fire and People Watching, She’s definitely a mix of David and I  🙂

Flamingo Fiesta // First Birthday
Let’s talk about this door. It is from an old building in our hometown, its got this AMAZING wood and antique hinges. It’s kind of a party staple, my sister has painted it pretty much every color, ONCE to match our gender reveal, you can see more about our GENDER REVEAL party HERE. And she painted it again to match my Baby Shower, you can see more about our BABY SHOWER HERE. This door is special, I love that my sister, mom of three kids, takes the time to paint the door, and haul it along to every party, just like she’s bringing a bag of potato chips! HA No big deal 😉

Flamingo Fiesta

Flamingo Fiesta // First Birthday

Annabelle loved her Smash Cake. I made a banana cake then added pink frosting. She was not shy about putting the whole cake in her mouth! HA
Flamingo Fiesta // First Birthday

I bought this Flamingo Float on and it was a HUGE hit!! I am so glad I had it for the party! The kids loved it! And its kind of amazing!

Flamingo Fiesta

Flamingo Fiesta // First Birthday

Overall the party was perfect!! Annabelle had a great time! People keep asking me what I am going to do for her next birthday… WELL I don’t know, we might just go to Burger King! Ha 😉
Flamingo Fiesta // First Birthday


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